April 3, 2012

Berry Colorful

I received an extra special parcel in the post recently. You see I have been on a serious yarn diet for the past month or so, which has meant far less mail of the yarn type. But in the past week I received a yarn surprise that has most certainly made up for the lack of yarn parcels. Do you want to see?


Two beautiful skeins of hand-dyed fingering yarn from Berry Colorful Yarnings. This is my first couple of skeins from this newish indie dyer and the yarn feels lovely and soft whilst still having a good twist. The colorway I received is Avenue of tributes from Berry Colorful Yarnings recent Hunger Games collection. I am afraid this must be the most hard to capture colour on camera, but the colour is a lovely subtly variegated grey (I love greys).


I have a particular project in mind for this yarn and once I make tomorrow's lunches, clean up the dishes (from breakfast 12 hours ago), empty the dishwasher, do some laundry, have a shower ..... I am winding skeins!


  1. I love that subtle shade too! Can't wait to see what you'll be making... Where do you get project inspirations? I have a stash of yarn starting to pile up, but being a beginner, I don't usually have a clue what would work with the yarn I have.

  2. I love her yarns to! I think I need more :) Looks forward to see what you knit, with this one :)

    (bethgaard on rav)

  3. I am ever so excited to see what these become... Happy Yarnings !


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