June 29, 2010

In the black

Granny Square Scarf

Whilst watching Australian political history in the making last week I started on a Granny scarf. I have many balls of yarn that I have used for other projects and that are no just too small for a complete something new, but perfect for granny squares. It was fun to play around with colours and then watch them pop when edged in black.

Granny Square Scarf

I ended up with a scarf of 30 squares. A perfect length, colourful and nice and warm.

Granny Square Scarf

I am taking a wee blogging break as I will be in Tokyo for the next week or so. Enjoying the hot, hot weather, lots of delicious food, the creativity and unexpected which always seems to  surprise and delight me when in Tokyo. 

Have a great week!

June 24, 2010

My creative space

My creative space

My creative space, last night, this morning. On the couch watching TV, making granny squares with left over yarn and a new ball of black merino. Watching Australian political history unfold, as the first female prime minister emerges.
The unexpected.
The future is looking interesting.

My creative space

More creative spaces here. Thanks for hosting Kirsty.

June 22, 2010

Vintage stripes


Our heating hasn't been working, so it was about 10 degrees celsius in the house this morning. Good thing I have a new bright cushion to liven and warm up our main room! These stripes are easy crochet relaxation, especially in cushion form. I would find I have just started a row and then I am onto the next. I didn't plan the sequence of the rows but just randomly selected the colours as I went. I used some of the yummy pickles merino yarn that I had used for a cushion earlier in the year. I love this yarn, such strong colours and super soft feel.

Vintage stripe

When I finished the vintage stripe cushion a couple of weeks ago I added a quick linen backing to the cushion.The cushion has been in rotation on the couch or on the white chair in my office/ creative space ever since. A ray of warm happy thoughts on a cold morning.


I have yet to find a great source of cushion forms especially round ones. I usually use my couch pillows or ones form Ikea or Spotlight. These ones are just not that fluffy. Does anybody have any great Australian cushion sources?

June 10, 2010

My creative space

Window bench

All has been quiet on the blog front for the past week as life as gotten rather busy. Today I am working from home surrounded by numbers, reports and files and papers. To the left of my office mess is a reminder of more pleasant soothing thoughts. My jars of buttons, my papadum container and some new yarn. Lovely new yarn.


Pure wool by Rowan. After reading so much about Rowan pure wool I bought some when I saw it on sale online. I understand the fuss. Lovely, soft and great colours.

More creative spaces here, thanks for hosting Kirsty!

Hope to be back blogging soon to share some completed crochet.

June 3, 2010

My creative space

My creative space has been turned to office space this week, as I work from home to complete a report. Papers, files, pens and an empty coffee cup (and half eaten carrot cupcake) are pushing yarn, pins, scissors and Japanese craft books into the corner. On a pile of towels I have started blocking an almost complete mykonos.

More creative spaces here.


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