May 18, 2010

Crocheted necklace

The weekend went past in a blur and now it is already Tuesday. I enjoyed a delicious Greek meal with friends as planned and managed to fit in some crochet amongst less creative but essential activities of addressing save the date cards and car shopping (no I didn't bring my crochet and thankfully there was far less waiting than imagined).

Following on from the green crocheted necklace I shared last week I decided to make something similar but more colourful. Same concept of simple crocheted rounds on the one chain but a totally different result!

crochet necklace

I couldn't quite conceive how to make all of the different coloured circles and seamlessly join them together on a simple chain, hence the cream border around each circle.The border seems to frame each circle giving each one a more 3d effect I was quite pleased with the finished product and have few tweaks to make for next time. Perhaps a different yarn, flatter or different sized circles?

I think this will make a nice colourful necklace to brighten up my winter wardrobe.  And for super quick crafting satisfaction I whipped up a 5 minute primary coloured necklace - a silk crochet chain and 3 wool felt balls. Instant crafting!



  1. VERY cute! I forget that you're heading into winter while it's finally warming up here!


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