September 26, 2009

I went to the fabric store

I have been on a craft shopping ban for about 8 weeks. The need for a ban was really reinforced when I packed and unpacked the boxes of craft supplies. The ban was going to be lifted when in NY at the end of October. But I made a bit of a mistake earlier in the week. I went to the fabric store. I know, not a good place to visit when on a craft shopping ban. But I heard there was some nice new fabric. So I gave in, I justified and I shopped, quickly.


See I thought I might not be able to get such beautiful fabric in the USA. And the fabric is soft and lightweight... I need to start making clothes for summer ...even though it is going to hail and storm and be very cold today, tomorrow it could be summer. And can't you see picnic quilts and table runners and nice applique for old cardigans and yoyos and hexagons?



So much for a shopping ban.

Purple, green and white.

Another night, another cushion. I find crochet cushions are instant crochet satisfaction, they don't require the long haul crochet commitment that a blanket requires as they can easily be completed in a night.


The cushion is backed with an old wool/cashmere sweater. I have used old sweaters for other cushions and find it works well and helps to reuse unwanted items. This cushion was a gift for someone with a very green couch. Looking at it now I am thinking that maybe the purple, white and green may be suffragette colours?

September 17, 2009

Have you seen The Age?

Image from
The Age.

Doesn't Cate look nice? In crochet! On the front of The Age website! More pics are here. Much better news than what is usually reported :)

my creative space

My creative space

Crocheting small flowers.

Experimenting with different types of yarn and hooks.

I can be kept busy for hours crocheting.

edited to add: I think those funny lines in the picture may suggest the camera is slowly dying?

September 16, 2009

At the top of the hill

When I was visiting Hong Kong a couple of months ago I stumbled across a wonderful store at the top of the Hill of Central on Hong Kong Island. It was sort of near one of the western restaurant streets in Soho. The store was called Chocolate in the Rain.

Softie from chocolate in the rain

The roof of the store was decorated with a very colourful mural. Inside the store there was wonderful softies, small kits and great displays of creative work. It was a tiny shop but sitting around the only table were three women making little softies and assembling items. I purchased a little softie (my first) that is handstitched and has crocheted flowers and a little bird on it. I was also given a small book that had been beautifully illustrated.

Illustrated book by chocolate in the rain

We started chatting and was asked if I was a "maker". I thought it was such a lovely enquiry, which didn't force an answer which suggested skill or a particular craft.

September 11, 2009

Happy Friday!

spring is here

The weekend is here! I get a little bit excited on the way home from work on a Friday thinking about the weekend ahead. This weekend we will hopefully get a taste of spring, spend time with family, have a chance to indulge at sugardough panifico, plant some seeds and pick out some new books. And smell the flowers.

spring is here

Hope you have a good weekend.

September 10, 2009

My creative space

My creative space

I have enjoyed viewing other people's creative spaces and have decided to join in this week.
I have taken half of the desk as my creative space to sprawl everything I am making on (the other half is for serious unpleasant things like bills).It is half a desk but I certainly spend far too much time thinking about this desk whilst I sit at my "day desk".

I found a cardigan I had started to embellish some months ago and have been embroidering flowers around the neckline.I am making hexagons to add to a worn potholder, just can't decide on the right colours. And there is also hip to hook which I can't wait to get into.
See other people's creative spaces here.

September 7, 2009


1. Reading , 2. Blossoms, 3. Yoyos, 4. Start of a necklace, 5. Oven testing, 6. Ripple cushion

August has been and gone, it flew by! I had a bit of a blog break as the month became very busy with packing and unpacking and creating a new home.

It feels like we have sort of settled after about a fortnight in our new home. We have ripped up awful smelly carpet to discover beautiful polished floorboards, replaced a broken board, discovered the attic, broke the garbage disposer (good excuse to start the compost bin sooner rather than later), dismantled the laundry when the hot water stopped flowing, bought seeds for the vegie garden and had an early morning unexpected visit from a possum. A possum who fell into our coutryard/ lightwell, ate my herbs and then couldn't get out (it fell asleep in a pot that was now empty because it ate the plant).

I have even tested the oven by trying the caramelised pear bread pudding in Rustic Fruit Desserts. There has also been a little bit of crochet and a lot of yoyo making. How was your August?


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